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#ROQShopTalk Roundup

Over the past couple months, we've somehow hosted 8 episodes of the #ROQShopTalk Podcast. We're excited to share that we've begun adding video versions of each episode for you and for anyone who prefers to watch over listen. 

For your infotainment, we welcome you to check out the episodes thus far on our YouTube channel, compiled for you below for quick access. Please write to if you have a topic proposal for an upcoming episode and/or to submit requests to be featured on the show -- we look forward to picking back up next week with the subject of The Pro Tunnels & Flash Dryers the Pros Use! 

As always, to listen to the audio-only versions, please visit or here.  

For this premiere episode of #ROQShopTalk, ROQ.US President & General Manager Ross Hunter, Creative Producer Merrill Capps, Sales Consultant Thomas Shaw are joined by Justin Lawrence of Oklahoma Shirt Company, Ryan Moor of Ryonet, and Brett Bowden of Printed Threads to discuss the Lotus Holland Evo Compact Screen Reclaiming System among other screen printing topics.

For Episode 2, ROQ.US Accountant Shelly McClendon is joined by our special guests Steve & Denise Mangini of Primal Tee Shop and Greg Bourdon & Ryan Mack of financing lender CIT. We discuss the important topic of Finance and how it helps your Screen Printing Business #PressOnward.  


For Episode 3, Automation Solutions Expert Rob Welch, & Solutions Manager Bobby Panico of ROQ.US. are joined by Josh Foster & Kasey Bryan of Aspen + Company to discuss the Digital Space and the Future of Decorated Apparel.  

In Part One of this Special Episode (Episode 4), President & General Manager Ross Hunter, Creative Producer Merrill Capps, Channel Manager Brian Richards of ROQ.US are joined by Nick Burton of Eternal Designs, Gavin StGeorges of Proud T-Shirts, Amber Massey of T-Shirts for Hope, and Marcus (Mike) Kon Synergy Media, Ltd. to discuss the topic of Diversity & Inclusion in Decorated Apparel.

Part Two on Diversity & Inclusion in Decorated Apparel.

For Episode 5, we are joined by screen printing legend Jon Weiss of New Buffalo Shirt to discuss Foil, Special Effects, and Simulated Processes in Screen Printing.

For Episode 6, Lead Graphic Designer Cristen Sousa, and Sales & Solutions ROQ Star Jennifer Shaw of ROQ.US are joined by Adrienne Palmer (Editor-in-Chief of Screen Print Magazine) & Victoria Jones (Owner of Inbound Ink) to discuss the #WomenROQ Movement -- Celebrating Women in Business & How to get Involved.

For Episode 7, ROQ.US Tech Team Leader Buck Premo and APG Director Mark Shoman to discuss The Buck Starts Here & Service: General Tips, FIR Requests, and Technical Advice for Screen Printers.


For Episode 8, industry leader, Danny Gruninger of Denver Print House & ROQ.US’s own Sales & Consulting Expert Thomas Shaw to discuss the ROQ Eco & the Power of Automation for Screen Printers! 

Be sure to check every other Friday to tune into / catch up on the latest episode(s) -- for both audio and video versions (the video versions typically drop the following week after the initial audio release). 

We look forward to hearing your ideas on future episodes! #ROQYourWay & #PressOnward!