ROQ Barcode Label Printer from ROQ US

Record Labels

"Labels are for filing. Labels are for clothing. Labels are not for people."
~Martina Navratilova
We agree.

When it comes to automating your screen printing business, the next level in automation is to automate that automation even further. Enter the ROQ Barcode Label Printer, stage right.

Barcodes have certainly come a long way since that fabled first scan at Troy's Marsh Supermarket in 1974. From pricing, to inventory, to transportation, to healthcare, barcodes have transformed how we live our lives and how we do business, and for good reason. Aside from providing us with a ton of information and instructions in a simple-and-quick scan, barcodes can provide a ton of information and instructions... for other machines as well. Specifically relevant for our case, they provide a ton of information and instructions for ROQ Automatic Machines. 

The ROQ Barcode Label Printer automatically prints customizable labels and applies them directly onto your garment and/or your garment's packaging, but the best part is that it fits directly in line with the ROQ Fold and ROQ Pack to accept your garments and provide unique instructions for the machines to work together without the aid of someone having to constantly enter / reenter / modify those instructions between differing garment types and sizes. 

 ROQ Barcode Label Printer

Being able to combine seamlessly with the ROQ Pack and ROQ Fold, the ROQ Barcode Label Printer attaches labels that are completely configurable according to your unique needs. Professional labels provide a complete presentation that your customers expect from top brands like yours. Continue to surpass expectations and maintain your Label as their trusted source for the best experience in decorated apparel. 

Automate your automation to make record Labels in record time.