Reclaiming Better Screens & Better Jobs with Lotus Holland

Reclaiming Better Screens & Better Jobs with Lotus Holland


What makes a great company? For us, it’s a great team comprised of great individuals who serve a great industry. And what makes a great team? From our perspective, it’s proving you care by providing your team with the tools they need to succeed and excel at their jobs and catapult your business to the frontlines. Justin, the founder of Oklahoma Shirt Company took a leap of faith in this approach when he invested in a new Lotus Holland Evo Compact Screen Reclaiming System for his long time employee Marree and has turbocharged his output while treating his star employee like the star he is.

As most entry-level positions go in a screen printing shop, Marree landed the intense-but-critical job of Screen Cleaner. If you haven’t stepped into the screen room for a while, let's remind ourselves how muggy, wet, and challenging that job truly is -- especially when you’re keeping up with 5 automatic presses and you’re OK’s fastest-growing screen printers. Yet, in the face of all those screens, blasting water, and spraying chemicals, Marree shined. He does it with a smile and continues to kick ass day in and day out. 

As the company continued to thrive, Justin wanted to start investing in his team more heavily. Marree’s job and the screen department is where the buck stopped. The Lotus Holland is a game changer for shops in the screen department. Being able to handle over 200 screens in a single shift empowers Marree to take on other tasks, expand his skills, and eliminates the bottlenecks the screen department may have encountered before. Instead of washing chemicals down the train when reclaiming, the Lotus recirculates and saves the chemical to be used again, taking chemical costs per screen down from sometimes upwards of $.50, as low as $.12 per screen. On top of that, no spray + no chemicals in the air = no mess. 

Win-win-win... and Justin not only elevates Marree to be recognized as the hero of OK Shirt Co.’s screen room, but becomes the hero of his production team and his accountant at the same time. All done with a simple investment that costs him under $1000 a month. 

If you’re running an auto press, stuck with a screen backlog, throwing too many chems down the drain, and care about your team, yourself, your pocketbook, the environment, a Lotus may just be what the doctor ordered. Find out how easy it is to get into one and reveal the ROI and employment enjoyment it could offer your shop by filing out this quick survey. #PressOnward


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