Lotus Holland Auto Screen Reclaim System from ROQ.US

Reclaim Your Screens & Profits Automatically

With a Lotus Holland Auto Screen Reclaim System, your screens are automatically and completely cleaned for reuse again and again. Ink removal, stripping, degreasing, rinsing, and drying are all performed and contained within the machine to prevent your shop and employees from being exposed to harsh chemicals and water. Within a few minutes, multiple screens are ready to be coated again to get back on press as soon as possible. 

The Lotus Holland EVO screen cleaning system consists of a machine, a cleaning product for ink removal, and a cleaning product for emulsion removal. Lotus EVO cleaning systems operate with non-volatile, 100% biologically degradable chemicals. As a result, Lotus screen cleaning systems are the best environmentally friendly and operator-friendly automatic cleaning systems! 

The Lotus Holland Automatic Screen Reclaim System from ROQ.US
With transport speed adjustable between 7.87" and 23.62" per minute, the Lotus Holland EVO Compact Auto Screen Reclaim System is the only screen cleaning system on the market with a warranty of up to 10 years.

  • “One must be a lotus to emerge from mucky waters clean.” ― Will Advise

Of all the infinite opportunities and benefits decorated apparel brings, there remains a rather unsavory part of the life of a screen printer. Ask any industry veteran and without a doubt, one of the most cumbersome and necessary evils of the screen printing world is having to arduously and incessantly clean and reclaim your used screens for future use. 

What's worse is all the peripheral micro-tasks and setups that screen reclaiming requires. Between applying cleaning agents, assuring your hoses and water pressures are in order, and mustering enough elbow grease to successfully scrub away excess ink without damaging your screen... every single time, it's likely that many chiropractors could have booming practices just from our industry alone. 

Thanks to the precision-engineering of the Lotus Holland Evo Compact Screen Reclaiming System, this otherwise sigh-inducing task is now entirely automated. Being able to automate your screen cleaning minimizes the water and chemicals needed, saves you countless hours of labor costs, and drastically increases your screen recovery process without any mess.

Instead of washing chemicals down the train when reclaiming, the Lotus Holland Auto Screen Reclaim System recirculates and saves your chemicals to be used again, taking chemical costs per screen down from sometimes upwards of $.50, as low as $.12 per screen. On top of that, no spray + no chemicals in the air = no mess.

If you’re running an auto press, stuck with a screen backlog, throwing too many chemicals down the drain, and care about your team, yourself, your pocketbook, and the environment, a Lotus Holland may just be what the doctor ordered.

We invite you to use our interactive calculator to determine your costs for screen reclamation to reveal how the Lotus Holland Auto Screen Reclaim System can save you time and money while turbocharging your production capacity.