ROQ.US Unveils the New Brand Look of ROQ

Hot Off the Press: ROQ Rebranded

ROQ.US is very excited to unveil its new branding under the group of ROQ brands. This new branding encompasses our core belief and mission to be Your Partner in Print. While ROQ continues to provide unmatched solutions in our industry, our true goal is to partner with you and your business, understand your goals, and align solutions and support that will get you there at the fastest and healthiest pace possible. We are now eager to incorporate that core belief into our new branding. Thank you to all of our current Partners! We look forward to aligning with all of our future Partners in a continued mission to PressOnward! Thank You for being our Partner in Print.

~Ross Hunter, President, ROQ.US

We invite you to read the official announcement from ROQ International below:

ROQ Rebranding from ROQ International