ROQ US Modular Automatic Packaging System

Parts and Parcels

As the adage goes, presentation is everything. And while we agree with the sentiment for the most part, we believe being able to automate your presentation is a lot more everything. 

Ease yourself into automation with the ROQ.US Folding, Packaging, & Labeling Automatic Modular System.

Begin your epic journey into automation with the ROQ Fold. Exponentially increase productivity and save your hard-earned dollars by automatically folding up to 700 pieces per hour -- any kind and shape of clothing such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos ( short or long sleeves ) trousers, skirts, dresses, etc.

Add the ROQ Pack modular packaging machine to expertly and automatically package your products without the burden of costly overhead.

Whether as a standalone function or in conjunction with the ROQ Fold, picture what being able to pack 1,200 pieces per hour without needless labor expenses could mean for your bottom line.

Include the ROQ Size Label Applicator which operates discreetly behind the scenes of the ROQ Fold, to automatically apply pre-printed size tag strips to your garments during the folding process so your pieces are professionally prepared and retail-ready prior to packaging and/or shipping.

Complete your automated folding and packaging suite with the ROQ Barcode Label Printer to work with your web-to-print system or create customizable shipping labels with machine-readable instructions to ship your finished products out the door to your eager customers with dependable accuracy in every fulfilled order.

All of our pre-shipment systems may be purchased together or individually. The versatility of the modular system empowers you to build your premiere Folding, Packing, and Labeling solution one step at a time.