New ROQ Automation Education @ MADE Lab

New ROQ Automation Education @ MADE Lab

We realize that the promise of automation is only as good as the knowledge so it's important to us to invest in ways to help users grow and learn as they invest in automatic screen printing equipment. In March we were excited that MADE Lab our education partner in Fort Worth, Texas launched the MADE To ROQ and Screen Makin workshops with our parter Saati. After an initial and follow up sold out workshop, we’re now excited to expand the ROQ education curriculum by splitting the course into an entry level and advanced automation workshop. 

MADE to ROQ Class

Learn To ROQ -  Intro To Automation is a new MADE Lab workshop geared towards the new automatic owner or operator. This class will help shops just getting their first automatic press or operators jumping behind an automatic for the first time learn all the important settings, process, and parameters to successful add automation to their operational competence. 


  1. The manual print shop evaluating or preparing for the installation of an automatic press. 
  2. The new automatic shop who has recently installed their first press and looking to get answers to questions and or issues that have come up since they have started to learn it. 
  3. The press operator new to automatic printing needing focused training to learn how to jump into production. 

Held quarterly in Clermont Florida at the ROQ US Headquarters and Technology Lab, this workshop will help hundreds of new ROQ owners a year. The next class is on September 8th and 9th and is filling up fast so learn more and sign up here 

“This is the class I was looking for when we first received our ROQ! The team at Made was extremely knowledgeable and willing to answer all our questions. The information presented can be applied day one when you get back in the shop and will impact the way we run and make us better printers! "

Ben Carpenter | Vital Industries

MADE To ROQ - Advanced Automation Workshop will help you dial in automation and take the fullest advantage of the equipment you currently utilize. From shop layout to flow, screen making to press setup, printing efficiency and special effects, post press and troubleshooting, MADE 2 ROQ will prepare you for the next mountain to climb in your shop.


  1. The business owner growing an automated shop wanting to optimize production and prioritize overhead investments.
  2. The production manager looking into efficiency gains in processes and equipment for the future.
  3. The experienced press operator looking to new skills or expanding their knowledge to take on a larger role in the future.

MADE To ROQ Advanced Automation Workshop will be held at MADE Lab in Fort Worth Texas quarterly with the next class coming up in early October. Learn more and sign up  

I thought I knew a lot of about screen making but it turned out to be the section I got the most out of. This class is for everyone from the new printer to grizzled old veteran like myself. Always keep learning, if you can glean one new thing which makes your shop more efficient then you're winning."

Darren Cook, Acme Prints

Sign up for either class and use the ROQ US promo code 4ROQ100 to save you and your shop $100 off each seat.