MEET THE TEAM: Your Mission Control

Our team is meaningless without that crucial "Y" added to the beginning… in other words, "our" team is Your team. While we continue to slow the spread of COVID-19 together, we wanted to take the opportunity to become better acquainted with you so that you have a clear idea of who we are to best serve you and your mission going forward. 

The women and men of ROQ.US' Mission Control are your dedicated satellite always on standby to keep you comfortably soaring in orbit -- rain or shine or anything in between. We take our mission seriously without taking ourselves too seriously. This interstellar voyage is formidable business but we’re enjoying the ride and views along the way with You! ROQ.US is committed to making sure you can repeatedly say with a smile, "Mission Accomplished!"

Like You, we are artists, makers, technicians, dreamers, and doers. Your team is focused on delivering you and your operation the most innovative solutions and unmatched service without delay. We value your time -- we appreciate the fact that you have no time to lose to incongruent communication or faulty equipment. Your solutions deserve to be provided at the same time they occur -- now.

As you continue to launch, we invite you to become better acquainted with some of the key players on your Mission Control team:

ROQ.US Tech Team: In a perfect world where nothing ever happens, we wouldn't need to prepare... but in this Universe, we understand even the best-made plans occasionally go awry. To combat and eliminate the need to worry for when things do hiccup, the ROQ.US Tech Team, led by Buck Premo, has the technological prowess to maintain your operations without issue.

ROQ.US Sales Team: Your ROQ.US Sales Team is fully equipped with all the insights that will enable you to #ROQYourWay. Whether you're a one Man/Woman ROQ Band or you're a full-on ROQ Ensemble, your Sales Experts like Rob and Thomas and Jennifer are who to call whenever you're in need of guidance for what solutions will be the most effective for your unique situation’s needs.

ROQ.US Logistics Team: So much of our industry is dependent upon operations running smoothly within the structure of your system. Your ROQ.US Logistics Team is comprised of decorated apparel veterans like APG Director Mark Shoman who has owned his own business and understands first-hand the critical and meticulous details that seamless logistics require.

Check out the rest of the ROQ team here:

No matter where you are in your #ROQStar journey, we're here to help you and your mission #PressOnward.