May Day with ROQ US

May Day

For thousands of years, the beginning of May has been celebrated around the world to honor and rejoice in the promising seasonal change before us. 

As countries around the world and states across America continue to flatten the COVID-19 curve, we'd like to offer a toast to you, a toast to our community, and a toast to your mission thriving in the coming months. 

May You and Yours continue to be safe and healthy in the days ahead. 
May You and Your Team return even stronger than before when it's safer and viable to do so. 
May You inspire and help even more in Your community to #BreatheHappier
May Our committed resilience build an even stronger bridge to reunite Us again in person as soon as responsibly possible. 
May We all #PressOnward together. 

For all these wishes, we raise our glasses to You in cheers of gratitude. We invite you to join us on Monday's pre-Cinco de Mayo #WomenROQtailParty so we May cheers you properly as well. And can you contact us for any reason to support you? Yes, as always, yes, you May.