Guest Blog: Financing for the Future with a History of Expertise

When your business needs upgraded equipment or technology to better serve your customers and power growth, access to financing and payment options can be key. CIT has the expertise to offer the solutions and dedicated customer service essential to a good financing experience.

For almost two decades, CIT’s Small Business Solutions has been a leader in the print space, and our dedicated finance professionals know running a print shop is about much more than producing fliers for your clients. Businesses need the latest technology to print high-quality commercial, color and large-format items with low costs and fast turnaround times to meet your clients’ needs.

As a long-time company in the print and graphics industry, we want to help businesses achieve their goals and power forward. We work with them to help navigate equipment leasing as a financing option. For example, if you’re the owner of small printing businesses and don’t have a lot of surplus cash to buy all the machinery you need, leasing equipment may be the answer to staying on top of emerging printing technology, financing growth in the business and testing out new services that will add value for your clients. It can also prevent excessive wear and tear on your assets by allowing you to switch old printers for new ones every few years without a significant capital outlay.

ROQ.US recognizes that its customers’ success hinges on getting them the tools they need to grow, and those bigger ticket items almost always require financing. Customers, or as they prefer, Partners, can get better quality, more efficient equipment and can grow faster and smarter than those who don’t have access to funds.

That’s where the CIT relationship comes in.

CIT and ROQ.US have been working together from the beginning to work with a financing provider where experience, fairness, and responsiveness mattered.

ROQ.US President and GM Ross Hunter frequently cites examples of partners who started small, with the purchase of a $1,000 press, and have subsequently grown exponentially and now require CIT’s financial solutions.

CIT has provided ROQ.US with the flexibility to nurture its Partner relationships and grow its business alongside that of its Partners. This value-added service sets ROQ.US apart from its competitors and allows its sales team to have broader conversations with Partners like you about growth -- your growth.

Hunter sums it up best, "ROQ.US’s goal goes beyond simply providing equipment and tools to helping our Partners grow strategically, and we align with their dreams in the short and long terms."

To see what financial possibilities exist for you and your business, please visit: and/or call 1-87-ROQ-IT-NOW (1-877-674-8669). 

Be sure to tune in to #ROQShopTalk tomorrow for a special episode on all things Finance in our industry with special guests from CIT and Primal Tee Shop!