ShamROQ & Roll with ROQ.US St. Patrick's Day

Don’t Stop The Presses 🍀 #ShamROQ & Roll 🤘

These are challenging times! After reading some of your social media posts, it’s obvious you’re feeling a little blue. Some of you have been feeling a little blue for a while -- if you know what we mean ;)

This is the time to stay positive, stay focused,
#PressOnward, and #PressYourLuck!

Because industry trade shows are being canceled or have been postponed for the foreseeable future, we’re taking the show experience to YOU!

  • Join the #WomenROQ and #ROQSolo movements -- stay tuned for details! 
  • We’re going on tour! Want us to stop at your shop? Sign up for a stop on the #ROQUSTour!   

Keep safe. Keep positive. Keep ROQing! #PressOnward!

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