#DistributorsThatROQ: Vastex International

#DistributorsThatROQ: Vastex International

To kickoff our #DistributorsThatROQ segment, we chatted with Training & Marketing Coordinator Paul Zingone from the Pennsylvania-based legendary screen print supply company, and one of our beloved distributor partners, Vastex International

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ROQ Automatic YOU Screenprinting press at Impressions Tradeshow

Q: Can you give us a brief history of Vastex International and what it looks like and how it operates today?

A: In 1960, the husband & wife team of Mike and Fannie Vasilantone named their new textile screen printing business Vastex (for Vasilantone and textile), and quickly recognized the need for better ways to mass produce screen printed t-shirts for that fast growing market. An engineer and inventor, Mike soon dedicated Vastex to the development of new machinery designs and manufacturing standards that are still adopted by the industry today. Some of the company's patented inventions include the dual rotary printing press (where the pallets and print heads both rotate), the four-way stretch hold down for printing jackets and dual layer fabrics, and the air recirculation system for dryers. Other inventions include the first small product electric infrared dryer, a patented belt alignment/tracking device, and a small mechanical squeegee.

Mike and Fannie retired in 1999, transitioning ownership of the company to their son Mark Vasilantone. Himself an accomplished engineer, Mark has continued revolutionizing the design and performance of Vastex equipment, more than tripling sales in his first 10 years.

In 2018 Vastex moved from its Allentown, PA location into its new manufacturing facility and world headquarters in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The new building is designed from the ground up for manufacturing efficiency, and expands the space available for new product development, administrative offices, conferences, an equipment showroom and a large hands-on classroom area with a full complement of screen printing equipment for Vastex University.

Q: How has ROQ helped Vastex develop? 

A: ROQ has become a great addition to what Vastex has to offer. We have seen a great deal of our equipment, especially conveyor dryers, pair up with ROQ autos and it was a perfect match. On top of that, Vastex takes pride in building high quality, reliable equipment and we see that echoed in everything that ROQ manufactures.

Our partnership with ROQ not only helps us cater to a larger customer-base with higher capacities, but it also gives us a product that we can believe in to offer our existing customers looking to move into automation.

Q: What does "Your Partner In Print" mean to Vastex?

A: The garment decorating industry is remarkable in the way we see so many printers and shop owners willing to share knowledge to help others grow, even if it may be the competition. Having a strong partner is important in continuing to grow, even after 60+ years in business. 

Just for fun Q’s

Q: What is Vastex’s favorite Expo to attend and why?

A: We enjoy every trade show we attend, but the Impressions show in Atlantic City has a bit of a hometown feel for us since Vastex started in New Jersey. We have so many long-time customers that attend that show that we can catch up with. Some are no longer in the business anymore but still stop by the show just to see what’s new. We hear stories from customers who bought their first press in the 70s to others that may still be running the same Vastex conveyor dryer after 30 years. 

Q: Anything else fun or interesting you would like to add?

A: One note that we take pride in is the actual screen printing experience within our sales team. Not only do we know the equipment well, but many of us have been screen printing long before working for Vastex. It helps us use our own experiences to better help customers when buying equipment or if they run into issues during the printing process. 

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Huge shoutout to Vastex International for being an outstanding #PartnerInPrint! Stay up to date with them by checking out their website and following them on their socials:

Website: https://www.vastex.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vastexinternational/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VastexInternational

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/vastex-international/