Breathe Happier with ROQ US Face Masks


To paraphrase the infinite wisdom of The Beatles, “when we find ourselves in times of trouble,” we must look to each other and ourselves for examples and symbols of strength to unify our courage to #PressOnward. 

The same that is done in times of geopolitical, economic, and health crises can be done for our world of screen printing. Throughout history -- even modern history, leaders have used symbols to reinforce ideas and philosophies that bring the citizenry together so that the greater group may heal as one as swiftly as possible. From the “Rally around the Flag Effect” in political science to our passion for t-shirts, symbols generate visceral emotional responses and have been known to frame experiences and perceptions. 

Our world has been upended over COVID-19 and our industry is no different. Many shops across the country and beyond have experienced sudden hardship over the past month. But there has been a multitude of compassionate beacons popping up throughout the US that are shining healing light into the darkness. To all those participating, we salute you with immense gratitude!

Thousands of healthcare providers are out of PPE -- especially face masks. And just last week, the CDC recommended that everyone adopt the practice of wearing cloth face masks in public for the foreseeable future. While that should continue to flatten the curve of contagion, as more and more people around the world wear face masks, the world can quickly become a scary and grim looking place for everyone -- especially for courageous healthcare providers and their patients.  

It’s with great honor and excitement that we introduce the #BreatheHappier Campaign. Combining the power of our partners, we’re thrilled to present a different view of our healing future. #BreatheHappier is screen printing’s answer to assist in providing and protecting mental health when we need it most -- now. By using the innovative new Face Mask Platen, produced by our friends at Action Engineering, we can use our ROQ screen printing presses to print empowering messages and uplifting symbols directly onto the face masks themselves -- the same way we’ve done for decades on t-shirts!


Perhaps no one knows the true influence of symbols and messages and the #PowerOfThePrint more than our industry. Symbols build and unite our tribes and transform outlooks. Think about how sports teams and musicians wield this power. 

Allmade and Ryonet teamed up to produce the antimicrobial Allmask a couple weeks ago and they’ve taken off like lightning! Check out how you can sew & print your own in this step-by-step video.

Ryonet’s own Ryan Moor demonstrates how to effortlessly load your printable face masks onto the dual-mask platen by Action Engineering on a ROQ in this quick video on Facebook for your reference. 


Imagine the difference it could mean if your loved one(s) ever falls ill and they end up isolated in hospital where they’re suddenly surrounded by heroic healthcare providers, custodians, food deliverers, who are all behind a dull and potentially frightening face mask, but then a nurse walks in wearing a #BreatheHappier Face Mask -- with a moving symbol and/or phrase on it. Imagine the difference it could mean for those on the front lines to put on a #BreatheHappier Face Mask each day/night before their shift. Imagine the difference it could mean for all of us who begin this new face mask wearing habit if we saw each other with meaningful ideas and messages on each other.

While we could print masks ourselves, we want this to be about all of us. You know your region and circles far better than we ever could. You know the ideas that speak directly to your local interests and that can have a profound ripple effect on how the #BreatheHappier Face Masks move people. 

Different colors have different meanings within the nursing community -- #BreatheHappier can help unify multiple movements by instituting just this one effort. Furthermore, trends coupled with color theory have been known to affect patient well-being. There’s a great deal of anecdotal support around why we design and decorate our children’s hospitals the ways we do. Picture how less-alarming we could help the world look for our youth with something as simple as a #BreatheHappier Face Mask. 

This is our moment -- our paradigm shift. Together, we can literally and figuratively change the face of face masks and change the face of healthcare! And besides, who wouldn’t want to #BreatheHappier?

We’ll continue to update this page with your photos and videos as you send them to us. We look forward to seeing how you make #BreatheHappier your own and how you’re affecting real healing in your community! #PressOnward