Raul of CaliMucho Screen Printing standing against their ROQ YOU Automatic Screen Printing Press

Automation Ready Score?

We at ROQ.US know you want to continue to stay on the forefront of our industry. You’re eager to break into the power of what automation can do for your business. The problem is there are several variables to consider when determining the best time for your unique operation to automate, which rightfully makes you feel stuck. We believe your attention is too valuable to be lost to this concern. We understand this can get in your way which is why we’ve worked with our incredible partners like you to develop the first-ever Automation Ready Score.

Here’s the plan: 1) Take Your Assessment. 2) Receive Your Automation Ready Score along with Simple-Yet-Powerful Resources to Begin Automating the Right Way ASAP. 3) Keep Leading the Pack.

So, find out Your Automation Ready Score today, then tune into ROQ Shop Talk: The Screen Printer's Podcast below and reach out to an Automated Solutions Specialist with any questions to help you #PressOnward!

ROQ Shop Talk Podcast from ROQ.US


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