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As a manufacturer of award-winning printing equipment, we’re obviously a strong advocate for automated printing. But while automated precision printing generates demand from the most agreeable, most loyal, and highest paying customers, garment decoration is merely one slice of the apparel pie. 

In this blog, you’ll learn one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce costs and boost your bottom line. 

With the ROQ FIT & ROQ YOU automatic screen printing presses, you'll achieve maximum efficiency on day one after install so that you can rest assured knowing you've just jumped to the top of the screen printing game.
One of our treasured leaders of the #WomenROQ movement, Josephine Jamison Sanders, reflects on the resilient and compassionate legacies left by the heroines in her family tree, and how her ancestors continue to inspire her to face each day head on, no matter what each day brings. It's our great privilege to share these stories in hopes that they may offer fresh perspectives to help you with whatever you're currently facing in your journey. To join the awesome #WomenROQ group to further support and celebrate the incredible Women in your life, please visit:

What would it mean for your business to roughly double your supply of clean screens at nearly half the cost?

Without clean screens, your production will bottleneck and your team will stress. 

Optimize your operations through award-winning automation to uncover all your hidden profits and expand & multiply your pipelines. Watch how easy the entire process is with industry leader Danny Gruninger at the awesome ROQ shop, Family Industries!

With a Lotus Holland Auto Screen Reclaim System, your screens are automatically and completely cleaned for reuse again and again. Ink removal, stripping, degreasing, rinsing, and drying are all performed and contained within the machine to prevent your shop and employees from being exposed to harsh chemicals and water. Within a few minutes, multiple screens are ready to be coated again to get back on press as soon as possible.
#WomenROQ has been cutting its chops through one hell of a year. This group has witnessed women rise to the occasion, roll up our sleeves, and get down to the business of reimagining our place in the industry and in the world, cheering each other on along the way.
They say hindsight is 2020. This year certainly challenged that idea early on, but thanks to You, ROQ.US had an amazing launch year and we couldn't be more grateful. Here is a quick recap of some of our favorite moments as a company and we wish you and yours a safe and rewarding end of 2020. Here's to an even brighter and more fruitful 2021 and beyond together!
Free Freight Monday is back for only one day -- Dec. 14th! This is your last chance to save thousands of dollars on your new equipment as you #PressOnward into 2021!
With the PRINTING United's Digital Experience fully underway, we wanted to share a special #ROQTOBERFEST reminder that the exclusive contest is still on and you have until the close of the trade show on November 12, 2020 to get your entry in!